Who was Dwight Louis Smith?

Dwight Louis Smith was born on January 30, 1909, near Pennville in Jay County, Indiana. He graduated from Indiana University in 1931 and held several jobs in journalism prior to being hired in 1934 as news editor of the Salem Republican-Leader.

Dwight was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Pennville Lodge 212 in 1934. He transferred his membership to Salem Lodge 21 the same year, and remained a member there until his death. He served as Worshipful Master of Salem Lodge in 1937 just three years after joining the fraternity, and as its Secretary for three years. During his lifetime, he held honorary membership in 54 Indiana Lodges plus three Lodges in other jurisdictions. He was a member of the York Rite Bodies and the Valley of Indianapolis of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.  In 1949 he was coroneted a Thirty-Third Degree, Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, A. A. S. R.

In 1941 he was appointed Junior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of Indiana and became Grand Master on May 22, 1945.  In 1947 he became Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, a position he held until 1979.  He was Secretary/Treasurer of the Conference of Grand Secretaries of North America from 1954-1976, except for a one-year term as the Conference’s President, 1968-1969.

He was editor of The Indiana Freemason magazine, and in 1968 he wrote and presented to the Indiana Grand Lodge the history of Indiana Freemasonry, Goodly Heritage.  Other Masonic writings include a history of Salem Lodge No. 21 and three Masonic plays.

He was also a member of the Royal Order of Scotland, Philalethes Society, and the Society of Blue Friars.

Dwight Smith was the recipient of the Henry Price Medal (Massachusetts), the Josiah Hayden Drummond Medal (Maine), the Caleb B. Smith Medal of Honor (Indiana) and the Daniel Coxe Medal (New Jersey).  He was awarded the James Royal Case Medal of Excellence by the Lodge of Research of Connecticut.  He was Honorary Grand Master of six jurisdictions and Honorary Grand Secretary of another jurisdiction.

He was elected to full membership in Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 in London, one of the first American Masons to do so.

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