How To Join

How do you become a member of the NJ Lodge of Masonic Research and Education? Quite simply by asking!

The New Jersey Masonic Lodge of Research and Education, F. & A. M., is a subordinate lodge instituted to foster and expand knowledge of the history and philosophy of the craft by encouraging masonic study and research, thereby assisting the Grand Lodge in its diffusion of masonic light and education by publishing masonic information and educational material.

Meetings are held quarterly on the second Saturday of each March, June, September, and December at 9:30am in Hightstown, NJ with the exception of our officer installation which is held in Trenton. .

Subjects presented during the talks range from the history of Masonry (in New Jersey and in general) to the meaning of our symbols, Masonry’s place in and contribution to society, Masonic philosophy, and the current state and future of Freemasonry.

Membership is not required to attend a New Jersey Lodge of Research meeting. All Master Masons are cordially invited to attend, and encouraged to join. Membership is open to all Master Masons in good standing. The fee is $25.00 and dues are $25.00 per year. Dues are used to pay printing and postage expenses to provide each member a quarterly bulletin which contains highlights and special information after each meeting, and an annual book of proceedings which contains transcripts of all presented talks during the year and other useful and informative Masonic materials.

The NJ Lodge of Masonic Research and Education is open to any Master Mason who is in good standing in a Masonic Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.

If you are a New Jersey Mason, your Lodge Secretary should have a copy of the application. You can also contact the NJ LORE Secretary via our contact page an request an application. Please download the form and have your lodge secretary sign off on it before mailing.

The cost for membership is $25.00 per year. There is also a one-time application fee of $25.00.

Click here to download the membership application form in PDF Format
Membership Application Form