Masonic Songs and Poetry

Inside this book I hope you’ll find

Collected here, well worth your time,

Bard’s of Mason’s past conspire

To set the readers soul afire!


The poet's laurel, from ancient times,

A symbol from their thoughts sublime,

We take, but shape it slightly, see?

So that it hints at letter '/G\'.


Square and compasses there to make

Enlightened men for Masonry’s sake.

The one inscribed inside the other

Will form the logo on this cover.


Which one is best?" you well might ask;

Deciding that is the reader's task.

Please read them all, however you will.

Let wisdom make, their words instill.


Masonic poems by Rudyard Kipling, Robert Burns, Martin Bogardus, Robert Morris, Laurence Greenleaf, and others - Links to videos of Masonic poetry.

Songs by various Masonic authors - Links to song of Masonic songs.